Level Editor, new content (Update 1.20)

Today we bring You an in-game Level Editor.
On April 21, 2018, we released MGA in Early Access along with the “Scene Export Tool”, which allowed players to create their maps and upload them to the Workshop.

Now you can create your own original maps, upload them to the Workshop without leaving the game in the “Level Editor”.

Features Of Level Editor:

You can create and edit the landscape.
For example, change the height of the landscape, smooth it, paint more than 80 textures.
You can also place more than 16 types of grass on the landscape.
Material Editor
You can paint every object in the game.
You can create huge maps in size 3000x3000x3000 meters!
A huge variety of objects.
Snap feature.
And much more.


Interface update (leaderboard, friends and more).

Added 7 new types of balls.
Added new trail.
Added Level Editor.

Added voice game score (From Hole In One to Triple Bogey).
Game engine update.
Ball control is improved. Now smoother and more comfortable.
Improved graphics on golf courses “ELBRUS”, “SYSTEM”.
Added the ability to jump (to jump press LMB).

Added collisions in multiplayer.

Players can now push other players balls.


Discord – https://discordapp.com/invite/evolutastudio



In this highly strategic game you need to break the field. The one whose course will collapse the statue – lost!

The artificial intelligence in this game is one of the best in the world.
AI adapts to your play style which makes the party not predictable.
So if you are not a world champion in Breaking Field, it’s easy to feel cornered.
This puzzle game we recommend to children and adults.


• Play with your friends online!• Level up and unlock a variety of modifications!
• More than 25 modifications, try to open them all!
• Compete with other players!
• The game uses realistic physics!
• This game develops strategic thinking!